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Blood shed. Heart broken. Lesson learned?

Oh well. VRNG. enough said. Easily the worst Halloween I have ever had. Probably won’t have a worse one for rest of my life. I admit I fucked up this time. Greed got the best of me. Guess I was still overhyped

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End of week 3

Good Friday is here, and this week ended early. Oh well. Another week, another lesson. Let’s get some summary first: I closed OVTI for +$1.13, not bad, but could be better, in fact, I should’ve closed it when it hit

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A lesson a day, keep the loss away

…or not, you never know. but it’s always good to learn something everyday. I was looking at my activity statement from broker, and I found this astonishing truth: ALL BUT ONE, and by that I mean 4 out of 5

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