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Just one of the millions of Chinese students turned workers in Semiconductor industry. This is not about work though. It’s about everything else about me: stock, investing, poker, life, etc, etc.

This is going to be all-English. If you speak Chinese, we can interact in Twitter, @hxdai. Otherwise, comment here is more than welcome.

3 comments on “About me
  1. I like your personal finance blog, and I am doing something similar, although we are very different in age and occupation, etc. I also have a blog, detailnig my dividend investing for income, and I post about my expenses, etc. once a month. The latest post was March 1st. http://www.hyhrd.com/2015/03/01/hyhrd-the-income-phase-of-the-plan-study-update-9/ Anyway, thanks for the blogging. I saw your comment on StockTwits about AGNC…..

  2. I have to clarify, I found your site because someone posted about AGNC and I clicked the link for http://www.daihuaxin.com/ in his message.

    • hxdai320 says:

      Thanks Patrick! Although I don’t remember commenting on AGNC (or anything since I’m out of the market for almost a year), I’m glad that you found me via stocktwits. I do work with their API to develop a client for Windows Phone(the forgotten kind)

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