Sad night

2 weeks ago I managed to drop my 920 on the stairs of ashe stadium and cracked the screen. I cracked a NOKIA screen!…after some googling and youtubing I decide to fix it myself since the price is not that ridiculous($50 with tools from ebay vs $200 from authorized repair). Maybe it’s a mistake…

the screen arrived last friday, everything looks fine, and when the tools arrived on Monday I started working on it. Following this video(which is awesome), I took it apart, and following this video I replaced the digitizer. Everything seems to be all right, until…

I put everything back and powered up, immediately I can tell it’s a failure. the white NOKIA logo went all chromatic, and the touchscreen doesn’t work!……ugh. I don’t know what to do now…wait for maybe a month to get the rumored 1520(if it doesn’t sell for a ridiculous price), or jump to 1020, or get another 920…feeling sad now.

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Looking for beta testers for my stocktwits WP8 app

It’s been a while since I wrote anything…and this time it’s a call for testers:

I’ve been working on this stocktwits app for WP8 for the last month and it starts to look well. Before I submit to WP store I’d like to hear from you on how can I make it better. Stocktwits is a popular social network website for the retail investors to share ideas, charts, etc. I’ve been using it for more than a year and it definitely helped my trading. Since I switch to Lumia 920 I have been waiting for an app for Stocktwits, but after 9 months I lost my patience and decided to write one myself.

Feel free to email or if you don’t mind, comment under this post with your WP8 device model as well as your Microsoft account used on the device, and I’ll send you the beta testing link. I’m looking forward to hear from you.


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wild ride USDJPY

That was some wild overnight ride…

Let the emotion got me and dug myself a big hole in USDJPY long. for a period of time 25% of my acct is gone. But the 6AM rally saved me. Now I’m back to even. Should have reduced some USD exposure facing GDP data. That alone ate about 2% of my acct in a matter of seconds. Still learning…

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And that was fast…

So…forget the 25pip first day win, 2nd day I lost 75pip. At least 35-40 of them are due to forcing myself to make something happen, which is something that should never be done. Need to learn the lesson…

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first day in forex – could have been much better

So…after countless procrastination, I finally deposited $200 to OANDA, and started my live forex trading journey. After half day, I’m up 2%. While I can’t complain since I’m after all in the black, I do regret some of the trailing stop setup. I’m using trailing stop because I don’t always sit in from of my laptop – meetings, discussions, etc., therefore I don’t want my account blow up when I come back from a chat. Meanwhile, hard stop at max loss(I’m using 2% of my NAV) is not flexible enough, and I don’t always remember to adjust it. Guess that’s the price I have to pay?

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my own home server

After some failed attempt to get $ for new home server build, I decided to use my 8-year old laptop to make one and have it run 24×7 until its last clock cycle. It had its glory days as top shelf gaming laptop, but was beat up enough that the display connection is loose, touchpad don’t work, and plastic breaking down. but with that little Dothan 1.73G CPU, 1G RAM and x700 graphic there is still some juice to be squeezed…

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 server on it, apparently I can only use 32bit…set up ssh, samba, transmission…(web interface ftw)…and I’m in the process of setting up mediatomb. Decided to run this thing headless with no GUI(not sure if that’s a good idea, but I don’t need that anyways for things I don’t directly operate on all the time, so…)

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MT4 history data import – some notes

so I’m trying to run some EAs, some backtesting, and I need historical data. After some googling and messing around, I finally can import csv-formatted data into MT4.

I got my data from, which is awesome since it allows you to select timeframe. I chose EURUSD.M1 and asking for 2011-2013 data. It takes a good while(almost an hour and counting!) to generate that CSV file. It even lets you select volume units in 1,1k and 1M. Yep, no lot/mini/micro lot…so need to do some manual changing.

After it generates the CSV, download it and put it somewhere.

Usually, this will contain millions of lines, so Excel is not much good here. I use notepad++ to open it and will try to perform some manipulation so it can be recognized by MT4.

I see a lot of issues with date/time online, and I did my fair amount of trail&error, and I think I got how it works. Basically you need to change the date/time to the following format:

“yyyy-mm-dd hhmmss”

so for jan 1st, 2011, midnight it will look like this:

2011-01-01 000000

and then it’s regular OHLC and volume. Depending on your broker’s live feed, you may want to do some manipulation on the volume number. I suspect that Oanda sends volume data in lots, so I may have to divide the number in CSV(I got it in units) by 1e5 to get the lot number.

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Moving to Forex?

Well, after some struggle, apparently I’m starting to get interested in forex scalping. Reasons:

1. 24×5 market. Sure sure liquidity can be an issue during EST nights, but hey, at least I can sit down and do something instead of fearing boss standing behind me.

2. less instruments. As a beginner I can only try to understand EURUSD and USDJPY, instead of hundreds, if not thousands of stocks…

3. Can be easily automated. MT4 is flat out awesome. I know, you can do the same with Amibroker, esignal, etc, and I even bought Amibroker, but…I need a better supported automation resource and EAs have been around since when, before I even know I can trade forex?

4. Scalping. Yes, I will be focusing on scalping using EAs. There isn’t a holy grail EA, but like a stock trader I follow said, you don’t need to be 100% correct. Take your small gains and keep taking them. without PDT, scalping seems obvious to me. I’m not an investor, how am I supposed to know how NFP in US is going to affect EURUSD? All I can see is the price action and I’m trying to understand it.

I’ll still be trading stocks, but I’ll focus a bit more on forex for next couple weeks to basically get an idea of how this whole thing works, get some practice in running EAs, backtesting, etc. We’ll see.

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Where was I on…

Just got an invitation from a friend about his wedding. Reception is on May 20th. Happens to be my anniversary as well. Then I start to think where was I on May 20th since I married. Let’s see…

2009: That’s the day.

2010: Somewhere in Cali, one week off graduation, still trying to get a job.

2011: Surprise visit to wife @ west coast. One of THE BEST memories.

2012: one week after her graduation, and not together. Mixed feeling then and now as I type.

2013: …


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So there it goes

My first year in the stock market. Performance? About -15%. Frustrated? Yes. Especially since I was up a good 20% until I jumped into the vringo circus. Do I think that 20% is because I’m good at it? Absolutely not. -15% is the proof. On the other hand, mutual funds helped easing the pain a little but not much.

Goal next year: get back even. I know things can’t be rushed, but I do believe my current holding plus Lincoln million trades should reward well.

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