***UPDATE 10/16/2015***

As of yesterday, due to a complaint from Dunkin’ Brands, I’m forced to remove this app from listing. I have not decided what to do with it. For existing users, this means you’ll likely not see any update in some time before I sort this out. I’m sorry, but this is out of my control.


You’ve reached the official page of DunkinWP, an unofficial app on windows phone for Dunkin Donuts. Feel free to leave comments below.

Download Link: Download DunkinWP for WP 8.1 Here

Changelog for version 2.0.0:

TOTALLY redesigned UI with some great help from the great people at lancelot software. Be sure to check out their app portfolio here.


Q: Could you add the “Free Things”/location-based/mobile offer as in iOS/Android apps?

A: I have considered doing this, but I have decided not to implement location/mobile-based offer for now. The reason is two-fold:

1. The intention of building this app is such that WP users can get a easier access to their DDPerks accounts to use their registered DD cards, check their DDPoints progress, and, when they accumulate 200 points, use their DDPerks Reward certificate. To me, it surely beats using a plastic DD card or a screenshot of other OS’s app that shows the QR code, and when you get the reward certificate, keep the receipt it’s printed on, open the email or even the DDPerks web page. To that end, this app achieves that goal.

2. This app is already in uncharted water in terms of reverse-engineering, and adding location/mobile-based offer, while welcomed by users, will push me into deeper and potentially hotter waters. From what I can tell, it’s clear that the backend of iOS/Android app does statistics stuff for their location/mobile coupons(“coupon is only valid within 10 minutes after you hit redeem”, remember?), and I believe by adding us into the mix will only bring more attention to them, increasing the risk of being forced to de-list from app store. Granted, this is not 6snap, and Dunkin is not Snapchat, but this is a risk I’m not willing to take. Therefore I only included the offers that every DDPerks member is able to see regardless of which mobile device you use. The same list of offers you can see when you login to ddperks.com on your desktop. While this is not the optimal solution, I have to make this tradeoff.

UPDATE 9-28-2015: I believe Dunkin has recently changed their backend system, so that some offers will not require a coupon QR code to be scanned. You just use your registered card to pay, and you will be charged the correct amount. This has worked for me on at least two occasions: the 99c any size dark roast coffee deal that ended yesterday, as well as free coffee when Patriots win. A general rule of thumb is that when you hear about the offer in a commercial, if it mentions “pay with your registered card” or something like that, there is a good chance that that particular offer is activated simply by paying with the app. Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for any extra charges caused by this. I don’t know if other markets’ system has been updated, or if an offer actually requires a coupon code. So if you have any doubt, check with the store, and/or use the official version of the app on ios/android.

21 comments on “DunkinWP
  1. Clarence Spencer says:

    Can you offer a background for barcode. It’s a great app and it works great but Dunkin donuts shops are scared to scan the phone fearing they won’t get paid.it’s a great app and thank you again.

    • hxdai says:

      Hi Clarence,

      Thanks for downloading! Great suggestion, I’ll see what I can do since I’m not well-versed in UI design. Stay tuned.

  2. TuskBlue says:

    Thank you Thank you and thank you very much. I totally appreciate that you took a risk that no other developer would do. Thanks again.

  3. Pete says:

    appreciate your work on the DunkinWP app. Is there a contact they gave you? I want to rip someone at DD a new one over their forced removal of your great app.

    • hxdai says:

      While I do understand the frustration(which is what got me to build this app), and I do have an email address from their legal dept, I don’t think it’s appropriate to share that. I’d suggest go to dunkindonuts.com and use the “contact us” part there.

  4. Bruno says:

    Hey is there anything we can do to help you with this? I am grateful that you created this app and hate to see the company give you crap about it. You think they would create one of their own instead of going after you.

  5. I am SO ticked off about this. I just wiped and restored my phone — lo and behold, no DunkinWP. Dai, you did a great job.

    Guess I am going to Starbucks from now on

    • hxdai says:

      Hi Candler,
      I know, not the outcome I’d like to see either. I’m getting by with a screenshot now too, too busy with job and not enough time to write apps. And windows 10 mobile complicated things a bit more. so…but I WILL get this back running one way or another.

      • Bruno says:

        Thats good to hear. Do you think your going to go with writing a windows 10 Universal App?

        • hxdai says:

          That’s likely the route I’m gonna take. Some code can be shared, although I’m not sure how much. From what I read it seems not too hard to build from existing WP8 universal app. I’m still learning the UWP framework for windows 10 though.

  6. Bruno says:

    Well I can’t wait for it. And again thanks for the hard work on creating this.

  7. Angela says:

    This really sucks. I went to install this on my WP10 device only to have to search around to find this blog.

    I sent DD an email today complaining about the lack of an app for WP. If they won’t make an official one, why force removal of the 3rd party?? Was it the ads? (If so, demand removal of the ads, not the app!) Why make WP users suffer because DD won’t make an app for us.

    I’ve had issues with their stores not being able to accept the QR codes DD emailed me – but the app solved that problem (their scanners couldn’t read the emailed codes no matter how big or bright I set my screen) – but they could always read ther QR codes the app supplied.

    This is a very good excuse for me to stop going there. I am simply too lazy to continue dealing with that email issue. It is more effort than it’s worth.

    • hxdai says:

      Hi Angela,

      thanks for leaving this comment. The issue DD corp has against me is mostly trademark related, which I have to concede that they have a valid point.(the spinning cup below QR code, etc) I understand why they did it, but from us consumers’ point of view it does feel like we are bullied. But worry not, I’m trying to put together some time to work with designers to come up with new design and try revive this app under a different name. Stay tuned.

      Speaking of the email QR code – I never had issue when they scan that code, I did, once, have to convince them that the email is legit(they only want to scan code from the app). Just quick thought: did you click through the email? like, click on the QR code, and it will open a coupon-like web page showing the QR code?

      • JJH says:

        Great work on the WP8 app – thanks a ton!

        Still have plans to do a Win10/UWP version? If not any chance you can open source the code? (or even post the endpoints/API)?

        If you ever get there make sure to add a premium version or in-app donations – definitely worth it!

        • hxdai says:

          The plan is to do a UWP version, but I’m running into some time crunch as well as some issue with DD’s backend service. I think they have tightened access so I’m trying to figure out a workaround.

  8. Ray says:

    I hope this gets worked out. I could really use the app on my Win10 mobile phone. I used to use Android and really liked it (the app) so you can imagine my frustration when I couldn’t find one for W10M. Then I found yours just to be disappointed again finding out DD made you pull it. Let us know if you are still working on this project so we Win10 Mobile users can once again use a decent DD app, even if it isn’t an official one.

    • hxdai says:

      I am actually working on porting it to W10/UWP, but have run into some issues. I’m trying to figure out a workaround. Given my level of programming, I’m not sure how long will this take, since it’s mostly a cat and mouse game now from what I can tell. Meanwhile, your best alternative might be a screenshot from IOS/android app for normal purchase, and QR code from email for the free drinks.

    • robbie says:

      for the time being, I am using an app called CLUB CARDS. you input your account number and it generates the bar code that will be used for purchasing. I have dd and starbucks loaded up in this app among others so its one small tidy place to go for purchases. Granted this only allows you to make purchases. you cant check your balance, etc.

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