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AEM Cold Air Intake on ’14 Mazda CX-5 2.5L – FITS LIKE A GLOVE


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GoPro Vlogging rig Setup – handheld AND in-car


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NVIDIA graphics card, CUDA/OpenCL, mining Ethereum, Davinci Resolve

With the recent boom(again) in cryptocoin, and the feasibility of GPU mining, I have re-started some experiments on GPU mining Ethereum with my GTX970. Following some online tutorials, I managed to get around 21MH/s on my one GTX970, which puts

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Xbox app on windows 10 – scaling causes crash

I was trying to get xbox app on win10 working with my laptop, and for some reason, the app will crash at startup. Tried all the normal methods I found online, and no luck. So I decided to look into

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Get Windows Update working again for Vista

Over Black Friday I got a new laptop, the new HP Spectre X360 with 7th gen i7, 8G RAM/256G NVMe SSD, a sweet sweet machine. So I reverted my trusty old dell E6400 to its original OS, Vista Business SP2.

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Setting up your own home server the dummy way – Beginning, Hardware

This is my journey of setting up my own home server for things that I do: sharing files within my home network, download videos, stream local media to all my devices in home network, and build my non-career skills on

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Get control from datatemplate in longlistselector

note: what you’re about to read is a long blah about some computer programming trial&error and possibly filled with newbie mistakes. So I was working on the stocktwits app for wp8, and I ran into this problem: I defined a

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Looking for beta testers for my stocktwits WP8 app

It’s been a while since I wrote anything…and this time it’s a call for testers: I’ve been working on this stocktwits app for WP8 for the last month and it starts to look well. Before I submit to WP store

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my own home server

After some failed attempt to get $ for new home server build, I decided to use my 8-year old laptop to make one and have it run 24×7 until its last clock cycle. It had its glory days as top

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WP8 app development – This is a start

Let’s face it: Windows phone 8 doesn’t have a great ecosystem YET. There are a lot of apps that are available on iOS/Android that is not there…YET. So I guess I’ll just write my own. After some 5 hours, I

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