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Looking for beta testers for my stocktwits WP8 app

It’s been a while since I wrote anything…and this time it’s a call for testers: I’ve been working on this stocktwits app for WP8 for the last month and it starts to look well. Before I submit to WP store

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So there it goes

My first year in the stock market. Performance? About -15%. Frustrated? Yes. Especially since I was up a good 20% until I jumped into the vringo circus. Do I think that 20% is because I’m good at it? Absolutely not.

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Ideas from mikehd25 and some of my number crunching

after read mike’s post here, I tried to came up with my own crunching, so here it is: (This is only for GOOG, which is the only part in question) From google’s IR website, I’m taking “revenues” from Q4’11, and

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Blood shed. Heart broken. Lesson learned?

Oh well. VRNG. enough said. Easily the worst Halloween I have ever had. Probably won’t have a worse one for rest of my life. I admit I fucked up this time. Greed got the best of me. Guess I was still overhyped

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End of week 3

Good Friday is here, and this week ended early. Oh well. Another week, another lesson. Let’s get some summary first: I closed OVTI for +$1.13, not bad, but could be better, in fact, I should’ve closed it when it hit

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Mark this day

I think Monday is the first day that I DID NOT PUT IN A SINGLE ORDER. This is important. Really need to turn down the trade count. Sure, IB is the cheapest in terms of commission, but for beginner like

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In The Face

REE hit me right in the face. Bursted out today. so tilting. If I kept it it should’ve saved my day. Oh well. Opened EGAS today. Really low beta, monthly dividend, and gas price plunge should help the operating IMO.

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A lesson a day, keep the loss away

…or not, you never know. but it’s always good to learn something everyday. I was looking at my activity statement from broker, and I found this astonishing truth: ALL BUT ONE, and by that I mean 4 out of 5

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Stock & gamble, I don’t really like what I did

Closed BBY this morning in a manual-trailing-stop fashion…Problem is, I accidentally sold 100 share when I only have 30…which means I shorted 70 shares…which I thought I would never do. So I closed it immediately. Problem 2 is, this would

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First post

Let’s start with stock. Good run today but a really bad choice. Went in for $BBY at almost daily high, and you know the rest. Other positions went well though, just like the market. YTD(or should I say weekly, since

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