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wild ride USDJPY

That was some wild overnight ride… Let the emotion got me and dug myself a big hole in USDJPY long. for a period of time 25% of my acct is gone. But the 6AM rally saved me. Now I’m back

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And that was fast…

So…forget the 25pip first day win, 2nd day I lost 75pip. At least 35-40 of them are due to forcing myself to make something happen, which is something that should never be done. Need to learn the lesson…

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first day in forex – could have been much better

So…after countless procrastination, I finally deposited $200 to OANDA, and started my live forex trading journey. After half day, I’m up 2%. While I can’t complain since I’m after all in the black, I do regret some of the trailing

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MT4 history data import – some notes

so I’m trying to run some EAs, some backtesting, and I need historical data. After some googling and messing around, I finally can import csv-formatted data into MT4. I got my data from, which is awesome since it allows you

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Moving to Forex?

Well, after some struggle, apparently I’m starting to get interested in forex scalping. Reasons: 1. 24×5 market. Sure sure liquidity can be an issue during EST nights, but hey, at least I can sit down and do something instead of

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