Xbox app on windows 10 – scaling causes crash

I was trying to get xbox app on win10 working with my laptop, and for some reason, the app will crash at startup. Tried all the normal methods I found online, and no luck. So I decided to look into what actually happened. Event viewer is the first step, and it says that it’s an error from xaml.dll.

XAML? really? the UI is breaking? interesting…and I started searching for more info on this. From MSFT community page, someone mentioned the Solitaire Collection app (btw Microsoft, I’m not giving you a cent for ad-free solitaire) doesn’t work on one of his/her laptops, and he/she went all the way into registry and found some keys missing for the non-working laptop. Those keys mention scaling factor. Interesting…

My laptop has a default scaling of 150%, and I changed it to 125%, start xbox app…and boom, the app is there with all its glory.

I’m glad this workaround works, and I sort of can live with 125% scale for now. But…C’mon Microsoft, you guys can create some assets for 150% scaling for maybe the most used first-party app don’t you think?

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