Get Windows Update working again for Vista

Over Black Friday I got a new laptop, the new HP Spectre X360 with 7th gen i7, 8G RAM/256G NVMe SSD, a sweet sweet machine. So I reverted my trusty old dell E6400 to its original OS, Vista Business SP2. Now here comes the problem: I tried to get security updates via windows update, and it just won’t budge. No update shows up at all. For a 2009-era laptop, I know this is not supposed to happen. So I started googling.

And, thanks to the internet, we have a German on the other side of pond that documented this in very fine detail, and offered a solution. If you run into similar issue (which I doubt, since not many people will fresh install Vista nowadays), please give his/her site a visit, you won’t be disappointed:

I used his command script towards the bottom of the page, section “some automation”, and being the lazy man I am, I just downloaded it, ran it on my dell, and took whatever Knowledge Base number it prints and went to microsoft to download them. Make sure that you download the correct architecture (x86 vs x64, microsoft’s download site doesn’t make this difference very visible). Put all the installers in the same directory as the script, and run it. After that, reboot, and voila, Vista is pulling in updates!

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