Setting up your own home server the dummy way – Beginning, Hardware

This is my journey of setting up my own home server for things that I do: sharing files within my home network, download videos, stream local media to all my devices in home network, and build my non-career skills on it with hopes that one day it pays off. I’m not an IT guy, so I relied on a lot of searches and trial/errors, but I hope I can make things work, and I hope you’ll find these articles useful to you.

To start, I bought a Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 with i3 Processor as the machine to work with. I chose that for several reasons:

1. It uses ECC memory. Sure, ECC memories are more expensive, but as something I intend to leave on 24/7, the added stability is more than anything.

2. It costs only $230, and for that price I get a REALLY quiet machine with quality parts for the price. I’ve been using DIY desktops since forever, but sometimes the added cost actually pays off at places where you don’t want to spend much time on, like noise level.

I also bought a 120G SSD since the system doesn’t come with HDDs, and an additional stick of 4GB ECC RAM just in case I need it in the future.

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