Man I’m lazy…

Been like what, 7 months? Not a whole lot happened in those months, other than a long winter(which is fine since I managed to get wife on skis!), which sort of restarted 2 days ago…

Alright, so what’s happening? Apparently for some reason, I got into woodworking. yeah, sawing, drilling, sanding, bla bla. Why? I don’t know. But it happened. and my first project, a box/k-cup drawer for the coffee machine, ended up being the big embarrassment/motivation factor to get serious about woodworking. I kludged it together in a day, yes, kludged. By that I mean no plans, everything is airtight-fit, which means one mistake and the whole thing won’t fit. And you know that will go wrong for a first-timer. Now I have a light-sky-blue box painted by wife sitting under coffee machine, drawers barely open, and is SOAKED in paint(I need to teach her that you don’t need to dump 4 oz paint on a 12x12x3.5 box…) with blobs all over the place. I’ll post some pics later to see how ugly it is.

Considering this is the first project, the cost of tools far exceeded the cost of wood. I’ll open another post about tools, but what I want to say is this: it is possible to do woodworking in an apartment. No, I’m not talking about building a kitchen or all your bedroom furniture, there is ZERO way you can run a table saw and not have angry neighbors kicking at your door. It doesn’t mean you can’t use any power tools though.


I’m planning on my 2nd project, a pair of monitor risers with drawers. I learned SketchUp(to some very basic extent) so hopefully this time it won’t be a mess. We’ll see.

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