Sad night

2 weeks ago I managed to drop my 920 on the stairs of ashe stadium and cracked the screen. I cracked a NOKIA screen!…after some googling and youtubing I decide to fix it myself since the price is not that ridiculous($50 with tools from ebay vs $200 from authorized repair). Maybe it’s a mistake…

the screen arrived last friday, everything looks fine, and when the tools arrived on Monday I started working on it. Following this video(which is awesome), I took it apart, and following this video I replaced the digitizer. Everything seems to be all right, until…

I put everything back and powered up, immediately I can tell it’s a failure. the white NOKIA logo went all chromatic, and the touchscreen doesn’t work!……ugh. I don’t know what to do now…wait for maybe a month to get the rumored 1520(if it doesn’t sell for a ridiculous price), or jump to 1020, or get another 920…feeling sad now.

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