Month: September 2013

Get control from datatemplate in longlistselector

note: what you’re about to read is a long blah about some computer programming trial&error and possibly filled with newbie mistakes. So I was working on the stocktwits app for wp8, and I ran into this problem: I defined a

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Sad night

2 weeks ago I managed to drop my 920 on the stairs of ashe stadium and cracked the screen. I cracked a NOKIA screen!…after some googling and youtubing I decide to fix it myself since the price is not that

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Looking for beta testers for my stocktwits WP8 app

It’s been a while since I wrote anything…and this time it’s a call for testers: I’ve been working on this stocktwits app for WP8 for the last month and it starts to look well. Before I submit to WP store

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