my own home server

After some failed attempt to get $ for new home server build, I decided to use my 8-year old laptop to make one and have it run 24×7 until its last clock cycle. It had its glory days as top shelf gaming laptop, but was beat up enough that the display connection is loose, touchpad don’t work, and plastic breaking down. but with that little Dothan 1.73G CPU, 1G RAM and x700 graphic there is still some juice to be squeezed…

I installed Ubuntu 12.04 server on it, apparently I can only use 32bit…set up ssh, samba, transmission…(web interface ftw)…and I’m in the process of setting up mediatomb. Decided to run this thing headless with no GUI(not sure if that’s a good idea, but I don’t need that anyways for things I don’t directly operate on all the time, so…)

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