WP8 app development – This is a start

Let’s face it: Windows phone 8 doesn’t have a great ecosystem YET. There are a lot of apps that are available on iOS/Android that is not there…YET. So I guess I’ll just write my own. After some 5 hours, I managed to get a basic client app working with StockTwits API. Well ok, it still doesn’t read stream and stuff, but I have already got the OAUTH done and able to send out queries for username. Considering I have never formally written software code (I’m a verification engineer ok?) I’m happy with the progress, but still I wasted quite some time just googling answers and dealing with stupid mistakes like syntax. Hopefully I can do more of that and fill my incoming yellow Lumia 920 with apps I need before the real ones show up. Maybe eventually I can make some Nutella money with it? LOL (ok I came up with Nutella because there is a jar on my desk now)

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