Month: November 2012

WP8 app development – This is a start

Let’s face it: Windows phone 8 doesn’t have a great ecosystem YET. There are a lot of apps that are available on iOS/Android that is not there…YET. So I guess I’ll just write my own. After some 5 hours, I

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Ideas from mikehd25 and some of my number crunching

after read mike’s post here, I tried to came up with my own crunching, so here it is: (This is only for GOOG, which is the only part in question) From google’s IR website, I’m taking “revenues” from Q4’11, and

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from mikehd25

First of all I am an american and have complete faith in our legal system but I believe the jury had a misunderstanding about the past damages. Read over their questions the last two days and compare the following math.

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