another long while

It’s been a long while. Thought I should update. Part of this is inspired by the breakdown of godaddy today.

Let’s start with stock. I have to admit, trading is a very time-consuming task. Especially when you have your full-time day job to do and monitoring your portfolio at same time. The bad part is, I’m slowly and steadily losing money on this. I don’t like this trend. After hitting the ARNA jackpot I have lost about half of that profit. Yes I make some good trades, but still I’m nowhere near good, or even where I want to be. The good part is that I have Doug Lincoln helping. Yeah, I’ve been skeptical about these kinds of chatrooms/newsletters, but I gave this one a try and it works well. Moneywise, maybe, but I’m getting the ideas and help I really don’t have. Let me know if you want to get hooked up.

Ok, back to life. It’s been long, it’s been hard, and it has been specially exhausting the past several days. Unfortunately, wife lost the internship she got a month ago, and since then the debate within me, and the discussion/debate/argument between us, has been whether to move here or not. I mean, I’m in this so this is well biased, but I believe it’s best for her, and more importantly, for US, to be together in Boston. I couldn’t understand why she hates it here so much. She says it’s because of the people, I don’t blame her much on this one. While she was here in 09, some things went sour between her and some people in my circle. But, those people are long gone and better never will come back, so besides this, I really am having a hard time understanding why she thinks that it’s more important to not moving to Boston than BEING TOGETHER. I don’t know if she’ll ever change her mind back(I sure hope so), but she made the first, and probably the hardest, step to agree moving here. I really appreciate that move.

Until next time, live on, and appreciate what you have.

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