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I think Monday is the first day that I DID NOT PUT IN A SINGLE ORDER. This is important. Really need to turn down the trade count. Sure, IB is the cheapest in terms of commission, but for beginner like me, more trades = more mistakes. And I believe in it.

So…back to today’s market. Surging! AAPL is leading the way and OVTI finally broke out. Probably it’s time to rotate and pocket the profit of OVTI. I still have faith in AAPL but to be honest, I don’t know if I can hold much longer. It’s a great stock numbers-wise, but stock market is NOT always numbers. Also, WTH is going on with EGAS after hour? It just dropped almost a full dollar like that. I know it’s a tiny-cap stock with like 10K share daily volume, but a 8% drop? Better give an explanation. That one move basically ruined my otherwise perfect day.

After finishing up with OVTI, I think it’s about time to turn to some retail/consumer guys. RNDY, thanks to Jim Cramer, surged pretty good for the last two sessions, and it looks good on paper at least. Will try buy dip and tight stop it. Another thought is IMAX. We all know how good it is, but the reason to buy the STOCK, not a MOVIE TICKET, is that their revenue rising. And that revenue comes from International, which means there is SPACE.

Admittedly, both plays are sort of speculative, but we’ll see.

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