Stock & gamble, I don’t really like what I did

Closed BBY this morning in a manual-trailing-stop fashion…Problem is, I accidentally sold 100 share when I only have 30…which means I shorted 70 shares…which I thought I would never do. So I closed it immediately. Problem 2 is, this would be considered a day trade…I don’t know if I got lucky or unlucky, cause I could have made all the margin cost back and some more given how BBY went today. Anyways. Another thing is that I opened a long position on REE. Guess I was hyped into this because the BBY fiasco, and I went in at a relatively high price of the day. As of now I’m under water a bit. I just got bitten by AVL days before in almost the exact situation. I should have learnt from it. For now, stock market is really gamble-ish for me recently, with all kinds of uninformed decision and trades. I don’t like it and I better be working on this or the real trouble will begin sooner than later.

Overall, still a plus day, which is great consider DOW and S&P went down. AAPL has been kind to me so far, though I went in at a very high point. OVTI is just slowly swinging, I don’t know when should I close it yet, maybe around their next ER? WDC is doing fine for most of the day then dropped with the index. I have put on a trailing stop so guess I’m done with it if it dips. Then there’s REE. Just like AVL, low priced,(I’m not saying it’s undervalued), and had a mad rush this morning which dragged me in, let’s hope I don’t get bitten again like AVL.

If I got cash freed up tomorrow I may consider getting in DANG or RENN or JNPR when/if they dip.

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