A lesson a day, keep the loss away

…or not, you never know. but it’s always good to learn something everyday.

I was looking at my activity statement from broker, and I found this astonishing truth: ALL BUT ONE, and by that I mean 4 out of 5 of my short-term position ended up a realized loss. AAPL and OVTI has been saving my ass. And I have held them since day 1(translation, Mar 19th). Something is wrong. For sure. For now, I think I’m just over-hyped about stock and trading, and over-react on almost anything. That results in selling too early. That results on little if any homework before putting orders in. That is a problem. I need discipline, I need education, I need information. I’ll try my best to NOT place an order without doing the work. This must happen or wipeout is just a matter of time.

All right, back to daily log part. I started to use trailing stop to, duh, stop loss and/or protect profit. And I achieved both today. I set WDC trailing stop limit sell at 42.2 and for whatever reason it filled at 42.6. That was unexpected, and that’s how profit is protected(I’m in the green the whole way, and this is the ONLY profiting short term position I had). For REE things are a bit rough though. trailing stop saved me. Also I opened a NOK position. That $99 for top-tier smartphone could be attractive, and they will start selling another top-tier phone in China, the biggest growing market. I’m not 100% sure about their decision to team up with China Telecom though, Unicom would be a much better choice IMO. We’ll see.

For tomorrow(maybe I should call it today?) I’m thinking about getting in on EGAS. Mini-cap company, solid P/E, monthly dividend(aka helps with cash), and if I got this right, they should benefit from the natural gas meltdown, which, relating recent energy policies, could open a good market for EGAS. Looking for position around 10-day SMA or 11.40ish. If ER on Friday fails then cut it, if beats then add on around same price if possible.

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