Month: March 2012

In The Face

REE hit me right in the face. Bursted out today. so tilting. If I kept it it should’ve saved my day. Oh well. Opened EGAS today. Really low beta, monthly dividend, and gas price plunge should help the operating IMO.

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A lesson a day, keep the loss away

…or not, you never know. but it’s always good to learn something everyday. I was looking at my activity statement from broker, and I found this astonishing truth: ALL BUT ONE, and by that I mean 4 out of 5

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Plugin for stock quotes

After some dig I think this could be helpful. I want a plugin that gives all tickers in posts a hover image, and this seems to be working fine: It uses Yahoo data, so pretty reliable. The only downside

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Stock & gamble, I don’t really like what I did

Closed BBY this morning in a manual-trailing-stop fashion…Problem is, I accidentally sold 100 share when I only have 30…which means I shorted 70 shares…which I thought I would never do. So I closed it immediately. Problem 2 is, this would

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First post

Let’s start with stock. Good run today but a really bad choice. Went in for $BBY at almost daily high, and you know the rest. Other positions went well though, just like the market. YTD(or should I say weekly, since

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